It’s time to settle the great football debate – which club has the best fans? This week, we are launching a Europe-wide poll – in conjunction with our Eurosport colleagues in France, Spain, Italy and Germany – to find out whose supporters stand head and shoulders above the rest.

[N.B – the first phase is over, congratulations Sporting! Now, you can vote (once and for all) which team has the best fans… here!]

How it works:

ROUND 1 – (until Wednesday midnight)

Each country votes for the best fans in its own league (Premier League, Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A and Ligue 1) plus this poll decides the best from outside the ‘Big Five’.

The top 3 from each country, plus the top 5 from the rest of Europe, go into the Champions League.

ROUND 2 – CHAMPIONS LEAGUE (Thursday to Sunday)

The 20 teams to qualify from round one go into the Champions League, in which Eurosport users from around Europe will decide which club has the best fans.  The final result will be announced on Monday.

So, let’s get started – vote below to decide which 5 teams from the Rest of Europe qualify for the Champions League!