Angry AC Milan supporters have refused to attend Saturday’s Serie A match against Cagliari in protest at the way the club is being run.

The Rossoneri are currently 10th in Serie A and have just three wins to their name in 2015, with fans understandably angry at how their team are no longer giants both domestically and in Europe.

Curva Sud fan group encouraged fans to boycott the game against Cagliari earlier in the week and a Twitter hashtag named ‘#SAVEACMILAN’ trended across Italy before the match.

“How many times have we made sacrifices for Milan?” a statement on said.

“How many times have we saved up to buy a new shirt, to be able to go to the stadium, to renew our season tickets?

“There’s one thing that’s been lacking, something that we want as Milan fans and lovers of these colours… clarity!

“We invite those who have already bought tickets and made travel arrangements to stay, if possible, outside the stadium.

“If this is impossible we understand the inconvenience, as we were always the first to travel to see our great love, we ask to at least not show banners and flags and refrain from cheering.

“Today, more than ever, the Rossoneri must show unity of purpose and make sure the proponents of this situation fulfil their responsibilities.”