David Ospina has earned himself a pretty poor reputation in his days at Arsenal, with several high-profile errors making him a laughing stock among fans.

Why, following his blunders in a Champions League match against Olympiacos last year, people Tweeted all sorts of rude things such as “I’d rather have Petr Cech’s helmet in goal than David Ospina.”

You can read more such entertainingly bitchy comments right here, if you’re so inclined – but once you’ve finished, come back to this page and watch the video at the top of this page, and prepare to change your mind.

The footage comes from the Copa America, courtesy of official broadcasters Univision Deportes, in which the Colombian goalie made a quite staggering save from Paraguay’s Gustavo Gomez.

The traditional point of comparison is England’s Gordon Banks, and his famous stop to deny Pele in a group stage match at the 1970 World Cup. FIFA won’t let us embed the video, but you can watch it right here.