After suffering a record-breaking run of Liga defeats as the new boss of Granada, one might have thought that Tony Adams would be loathe to lay into a fellow manager, particularly one as successful as Arsene Wenger has been over the years.

However, that is exactly what has happened.

In the latest serialisation of his book, ‘SOBER. My story, my life’, in The Sun, Adams had less than generous words for his former boss Wenger, claiming that coaching from himself could have helped Arsenal a great deal.

“Arsene is so dominant that he was probably not going to like it if I said, ‘We’re conceding bad goals, I’m going to take the back four today and organise them.

“Because Arsene is essentially not a coach — and that is the second reason why I believe he didn’t want me. Back in the day I said in an interview coaching wasn’t Arsene’s strong point.

“Actually in the original draft, I said he couldn’t coach his way out of a paper bag. And though I modified that in the final article, it didn’t go down well.

“It all left me feeling that I would never get a chance in any capacity while Arsene was there.”

Well, Wenger did hit back in his Friday press conference, much to the amusement of fans and the media alike…

It does have to be pointed out in Adams’ defence that his statement was made years ago, even if it is now emerging as a result of his book being serialised. But still. All very odd.