Arsene Wenger toasted his former player George Weah’s victory in the Liberia presidential election during his press conference on Thursday… but there was one small problem.

The results hadn’t yet been announced.


The Frenchman was seemingly duped by false reports circulating on social media which claimed the former Monaco and AC Milan striker was set to take office.

However, while Weah is a front-runner for the top job, many experts predict a second round of voting will be required before a candidate exceeds the magic 50% of votes required to win.

Wenger managed the former FIFA World Player of the Year at Monaco in the 1990s before his switch to England.

“I would like to congratulate one of my former players, who became president of Liberia,” Wenger beamed.

“It is not often that you have a former player who becomes a president of a country.

“Well done George and I would say just for him to keep his enthusiasm and his desire to learn and to win.”

Here’s the account of BBC Africa’s Stanley Kwenda:

“I knew the official results were not yet out but I thought Wenger may have better intelligence than me. His eyes were glinting, and he spoke with much excitement and a genuine congratulatory feel.”

This will be so awkward if Weah doesn’t win now…