Ashley Cole has no chill.

Or maybe he has lots of chill?

Your point of view probably depends on whether you’re an Arsenal fan or not.

Cashley (as he is still known by some Gunners supporters) was busy “minding his own beeswax” on Wednesday night when one fan decided to dredge up an old issue about the left-back’s move to Chelsea back in 2006.

At the time some fans were upset that Cole left Arsenal for a club who offered him more money and (in hindsight) a shed-load more silverware.

But regardless of that, the argument of average wage is a strange one to try and relate to football…

As Cole himself pointed out:


It’s harsh, but fair.

After all, this was TEN YEARS AGO!

You can forgive Cole from being a tad fed up with still having to receive such messages as his career slides towards retirement at LA Galaxy.