So, the wait is over, Leicester City know who they will face in their first ever Champions League quarterfinal.

But could it have been worse?

Leicester fans don’t seem to think so, with the Foxes faithful taking to twitter to celebrate drawing another La Liga outfit.



But some had a warning for Leicester, telling the only English representatives left in the competition that Atletico are a completely different tactical proposition to last-16 opponents Sevilla.

Of all the teams in the draw, Atletico are arguably the most tactically similar to Leicester, and the prospect of watching two teams both try and defend deep is not enticing to some.

Elsewhere in the draw, Real Madrid will face Bayern Munich in a heavyweight clash, but the Los Blancos fans reacted to the tough draw by showing off their gallows humour…

… with Leicester City the main targets.

Very droll.

But underestimating Leicester City has been the undoing of too many teams to mention. Maybe Real Madrid just dodged a bullet.