The news broke on Sunday afternoon that Manchester United are interested in re-signing Cristiano Ronaldo.

Paper Round: Ronaldo tells Mendes to get him to United

A no-doubt credible source leaked the intel to the press over the weekend, and it caused an immediate stir amongst fans on social media.


The news led to plenty of conjecture:

Would Ronaldo be the right signing for United?

Could he really break Wayne Rooney’s club record?

Is 40 a realistic age for his retirement?

Are United still looking at Morata?


So many questions…

Why Cristiano Ronaldo would be a £100m bargain for Manchester United

But, almost as quickly as the story as surfaced, it appeared to be immediately dampened down again, with senior sources and major outlets back-tracking on their ‘breaking news’ from hours earlier, saying that Ronaldo is actually likely to stay at Real Madrid.

And that pessimistic outlook seemed to strike much more of a chord with the fans.

But, just for a minute, let’s imagine what it would be like if he did come to United.

And, as one fan pointed out, it could set up a reunion just weeks after the transfer. What a game that would be!