For years and years (and years), unhappy football fans have been calling for the introduction of technology to help out match officials.

So what happens? The football authorities finally decide to give it a run at the Confederations Cup in Russia with the much-debated video assistant referee (VAR) – and people start complaining about it.

Portugal seemed to have taken the lead against Mexico midway through the first half in Kazan on Sunday when Nani struck only for the referee to refer it upstairs and reveal several Portugal players – namely Nani, Pepe and Andre Gomes – to be offside.

It was all a bit confusing with the offside call taking place in the phase of play before the goal, but at least the right call was made. Right?

Not that there was universal support for the novelty of the decision. You can’t please all of the people all of the time.

And somebody else had a theory about who the VAR won’t help..