Sebastian Vettel won the Hungarian Grand Prix ahead of team-mate Kimi Raikkonen, but it was the fact that Lewis Hamilton finished fourth amid a team-orders controversy that took the headlines.

Valtteri Bottas was made to make way for Hamilton towards the end of the race with the British driver given five laps to catch up to Raikkonen, but that was only the start of it.

[REPORT: Vettel wins in Hungary amid team orders controversy]

Hamilton couldn’t catch the Ferraris and, right at the line, as ordered, he made way for Bottas, losing ground on Vettel.

Fans were left stunned by the move, with Vettel having now opened up a 14-point lead over Hamilton at the top of the drivers’ standings, and ultimately divided as to whether it was admirable sportsmanship or an unacceptable and weak decision.

Others were not as happy with Hamilton and Mercedes…

Let’s give Hamilton himself the final word:

“It is tough in the championship but I am a man of my word.”