International break: the time where all football fans love to complain.


In fact, it’s mainly just England supporters who love to complain and they do so while watching a dreary performance at Wembley Stadium.

If you actually watch some interesting matches (anything that doesn’t include England), the international break can be quite fun.

Brazil’s first international friendly of the break was against Japan and – if you tuned in – you would’ve been treated to an absolute screamer from Marcelo.

‘Crackerjack’ is brilliant way to describe it… and what a hit it was!

It might’ve been in a friendly but a goal of that quality will make you jump out of your seat – just like it did for Brazil manager Tite…

The Real Madrid left-back continued to wow fans with this outrageous piece of skill:

The performance from Brazil just made this fan come to an alarming realisation:

Good luck to every right-back going to the World Cup next summer.