Cody Gribble has not fear.

The PGA golfer was confronted with a reptilian dilemma during the first round of the Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill in Florida.

But rather than cower on the other side of the fairway or wait for marshals to deal with the situation, Gribble took matters into his own hands (well, hand).

After a casual stroll over with one hand in his pocket, the 26-year-old tapped the alligator on the rump.

Could it have spun around and grabbed him or charged off on a rampage through the course? That was certainly the fear of some fans.

But there was no risk according to Gribble, who sounds like he has experience with this kind of thing.

But we at LeBuzz struggle to deal with a simple house spider, let alone an alligator, so hats off to Mr Gribble.

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