Getting married anytime soon? Here’s a tip: ask Cristiano Ronaldo to be your best man.

That’s what super agent Jorge Mendes did for his wedding to his wife to be, Sandra, which takes place on Sunday in Porto.

And Ronaldo repaid the honour in rather spectacular fashion, proving in the process that there is something you can buy the man who has everything.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Jorge Mendes

Cristiano Ronaldo and Jorge Mendes

According to a report in Portuguese media source Move Noticias, Ronaldo bought his long-time confidant and representative a Greek island.

Yes, a whole Greek island.

Greece has put a number of its islands up for sale as a result of its crippling financial problems and Move Noticias says Ronaldo took advantage, with the likely price of the purchase ranging from anything from €3m to €50m.

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What seems an unlikely story was picked up by respected Portuguese news source Record.

Record also says 400 guests will attend the Mendes extravaganza – including the likes of Fabio Coentrao and Pepe.

But none of them will have a chance of topping Ronaldo’s extraordinary present.