You know that month-long furore surrounding Edinson Cavani and Neymar that felt seemingly interminable but finally appeared to have been resolved?

Yep, well Cavani has brought the bizarre situation regarding the pair’s tumultuous relationship right back into the spotlight.

[VIDEOS: Cavani and Neymar in two rows over set-pieces as PSG problems erupt]

The Uruguayan famously fell out with the Parisian club’s huge summer signing over a set-piece, a row which reportedly escalated in the dressing room after the match against Lyon earlier in the season.

Fans of the club may have hoped that the pair had patched things up and become good friends since the staggeringly petty feud, but it does not appear to have worked out like that.

Cavani told French radio station SFR Sport that he was essentially not all that interested on being friends with the Brazilian.

“The penalty case, that’s in the past. These are things that happen in football.

“We must find the solution together and function as a team. We need to be a competitive team, but we do not need to be friends.

“You have to be professional, and afterwards everyone has their own life.”

As for who takes the penalties now at PSG?

“This is up to the coach to decide. What is best for the team?

“I think the person in charge will find the solution. When he makes the decision, it will be like that.

“Did he make his decision? I don’t think so.”

He is basically right that you don’t have to be friends with all your colleagues – Le Buzz has plenty of bitter feuds running in the Eurosport office. But it’s not exactly what PSG fans wanted to hear so long after the ridiculous initial feud.