So Jose Mourinho believes England can win the World Cup. Just let that sink in for a few minutes, then continue…

The Manchester United boss was asked about Gareth Southgate’s side’s chances in Russia and, being the crowd-pleaser he is, obliged in giving the answer that was essentially required of him.


He told Sky Sports – we think fairly seriously – that there is no reason why England can’t go all the way.

“They have a good group of young but experienced players.

“All of them play in the best domestic competition in the world, the Premiership, all of them playing for the best teams, all of them with experience of playing Champions League, which is a high level of football, obviously.

“So I think yes, I think they can do it.”

As for the tournament favourites such as Germany, France and Brazil, Mourinho was a wonderful contrarian.

“They have good squads but good squads don’t always make good teams.”

Well played, Jose.

Others were not quite so sure on social media…

Just classic pre-tournament stuff.