Many fans do not take kindly to seeing some professional footballers posing with their luxury toys, as this slideshow clearly demonstrates.

But it is all the more controversial when a footballer branded as ‘overpaid’ flaunts their wealth, as Steven Fletcher of Sunderland appeared to do.

The 27-year-old striker was photographed posing alongside a £260,000 Lamborghini Aventador with the image quickly being spread across social media.

The fact that there was also a £160,000 Bentley sat in his driveway behind the Lamborghini made the photo all the more striking.

Fletcher reportedly earns £40,000-a-week despite having only scored four goals for Sunderland this season and just seven in his two years at the club.

The timing of the photo was clearly not ideal given how badly Sunderland are struggling in this campaign, as pointed out by many fans.

The paper quoted another fan as saying, “This is where the Sky money goes, into mediocre players’ pockets while lower league clubs can barely afford their academy”.

However, Fletcher’s agent, Scott Fisher, has insisted that it was not Fletcher who posted the photo, instead blaming the company which sold the supercar to him.

“It wasn’t Steven that put the picture up,” he told the Daily Star. “The company who were doing advertising on it done it.”

World of Sport has a bit of sympathy with Fletcher in this situation, despite many of the responses to the photo online from fans.

If any blame is to be passed in regards to an average Premier League striker having too much time and money on his hands then it could instead be aimed at the club for signing him for a staggering £14 million in 2012.

If he wants to spend his money on fancy cars then that is up to him, although clearly the timing of posing with a supercar while his club are in serious relegation trouble is not ideal.