Nothing says “close friends” like a brutal put-down, and Neymar has proven beyond doubt that he and Philippe Coutinho are genuine mates by slamming his friend’s style during Coutinho’s unveiling at Barcelona.

As part of an Instagram story, Neymar congratulated his pal on the huge move to Barcelona, saying:

“Very happy for you, I wish you every success in the world, I’m sure you’ll be very happy…”

But no friend can ever dish out a compliment like that without following it up with an insult for balance, and so Neymar added…

“And tell me, is this hair in fashion?”



Granted, that’s not the greatest barnet the world’s ever seen… but is Neymar really the one to be dishing out style advice?

After all, he is the man who’s done this:

And this:

And this:

We rest our case.