In case you missed it Switzerland were awarded a dubious penalty on Thursday night in their play-off game against Northern Ireland.

Michael O’Neill called it ‘staggering’ and now even Roger Federer has weighed in on the issue.

The 19-time Grand Slam winner is a well-known football fan and in an interview with the BBC he said he saw the last twenty minutes.

He initially joked about the decision before sympathising with the Northern Irish team.

“I didn’t see it! I was at the ATP awards show. So that was perfectly planned by the ATP they knew they were really going to screw with me there.

“But no, I heard the Northern Ireland guy was trying to catch it like a handball and it was a clear penalty for Switzerland.

“No, I feel bad for them because has some brutal calls sometimes from the umpires.

“So I hope they won’t be compensated in Basel, my home town when they go there on Sunday. I saw the last 20 minutes and we looked like the better side. But who cares about 20 minutes we need to do it for another 90 plus minutes so I’m very excited for Switzerland to be in a good position.”