Jurgen Klopp realises that all the attention is on Mohamed Salah now – and he doesn’t seem to mind.

The Liverpool boss was asked about how Salah’s team-mates have been taking to the fact that he is such a heralded superstar at the moment and enjoyed a bit of a joke with his answer.

“It is a really good group and, with Mo, everyone really likes the hype around him, all the boys.

“When we came out for the Champions League training before Man City, I said, ‘Come on everybody, let’s go out naked because no one will realise — they are just looking at Mo’.

“Now we go to Rome. I don’t think the hype will be a little bit less. But it is all okay.”

So not much of an effect on the team spirit, then.

“The boys created the atmosphere in the group. In a successful team, there is always a good ­atmosphere. Other teams can have very good ­players, but no group.

“There is so much that is positive – we are a team. The boys are all together.

“We have a big chance here to create something for the future. We are still young and full of potential. My impression is that they are all excited about being in this group.”

Klopp certainly knows how to get his team to lighten up.

Le Buzz just hopes none of the Liverpool players take his words too literally.