Bad blood threatened to overshadow Lewis Hamilton’s F1 world championship when he was involved in a bizarre cap-throwing incident with beaten team-mate Nico Rosberg.

In the drivers’ area before going on to the podium, Hamilton picked up a Rosberg’s ‘2nd’ cap and threw it at the German.

The cap landed in the lap of an unimpressed Rosberg, who gifted Hamilton the win with a mistake, and was pushed wide by his team-mate on the opening corner of the race.

He responded by throwing back the cap…

..which hit Hamilton…

…and the Briton responded by turning to Rosberg and donning his ‘1st’ headgear.

A storm in a teacup, perhaps, but the drivers must have known they were on TV, and the incident shows there is no love lost between the pair.

Rosberg was then stony-faced on the podium, whereas Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel paid generous tribute to Hamilton.