Liverpool fans are still reeling from the departure of star man Philippe Coutinho to Barcelona.

But the Brazilian’s unveiling saw another story surround the transfer come to light.


Coutinho let slip that his former Liverpool team-mate Luis Suarez signed the papers for a house for Coutinho in Barcelona… long before the deal was even done.

When asked by the Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu which hotel he’d be staying in, Coutinho replied:

“No, presidente, there is no need for a hotel. I already have a house for him.”

And he added:

“He saw that a house next to his became available. He didn’t know I was coming for certain but he liked the idea. It’s a kind gesture. We’ve seen the pictures, the views look amazing. We are in touch all the time and I look forward to seeing the property with my family. I know Luis will help us to feel at home.”

Liverpool fans reacted with understandable fury to the latest development…

While opposition fans were only too happy to remind the Liverpool faithful of the humour in the story…