Jesse Lingard is one of the most in-form players in the Premier League.

But it’s not just his goals and assists that have connected with fans.

Lingard’s celebrations and off-pitch social media presence has proved wildly popular with some fans (and admittedly wildly unpopular with others)…

But his relentless banter has finally proved too much for fellow United youngster Marcus Rashford, with one fan claiming that Rashford finds his team-mate “bare annoying”.

Manchester United took advantage of nine full days without a fixture by travelling to Dubai for some warm-weather training this week, but right from the off it was clear that Rashford was in no mood for Lingard’s Snapchat-based antics.

And he finally snapped when Lingard got the cameras rolling yet again…

“Here we go again, another Snapchat, another Snapchat,” sings Lingard as Rashford paces furiously alongside him.

And the forward grumpily responds.

“Another Snapchat? You’re on Snapchat EVERY SECOND!”

“Every second I’m on Snapchat,” queries Jesse. “Well, before a match am I on Snapchat?”

But Rashford was done pretending and had an answer for that too:

“Yeah, yeah – just before!”