Gary Neville is never one to hold his views back, and he certainly has not done so in assessing Manchester United’s season.

Jose Mourinho’s side could not get near rivals Manchester City, despite finishing in second place, and Neville is not happy to see that as a successful season.

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The United legend has told Sky Sports that Mourinho and his players must not see their campaign as a positive.

“In the league, which is where everybody wants to be measured, you have to say that second is progression from where Manchester United have been, but it’s not a successful season for Manchester United when you don’t win the league.

“That’s the measure of the club and has been for 60, 70, 80 years, it has to be the league title you are measured by.

“To keep winning trophies would show they are still a club that are winning things and keeping that winning mentality.

“Manchester City have had the most outstanding of seasons and Jose Mourinho measures himself by title wins, not finishing second.

“Manchester United have had a good season in the league in finishing second but it has been inconsistent and they have dipped at times.

“They have lost against all three promoted teams, that’s nine points. That’s an attack for next season. There are nine points you need to sort out and then you work away at the others and the big gap.”

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