Much has been said about the state of the water at the aquatic venues in Rio de Janeiro.  Reports earlier this week claimed that levels of bacteria and viruses were so high in the water that swallowing just three teaspoons of from Guanabara Bay was likely to lead to severe stomach and respiratory illnesses.

The World Health Organisation said: “It is suggested that all athletes should cover cuts and grazes with waterproof plasters prior to exposure, try to avoid swallowing the water, wash/shower as soon as possible after exposure and, as far as possible, minimise their time in the water and avoid going in the water after heavy rainfall if possible.”

Images show that the water athletes will be competing in is full of human waste, garbage and other such nasties. But as disgusting as that all is, something very, very funny has come out of it.

It’s not yet clear how much truth there is behind it, but Paul Kelso tweeted a tale of one Olympian’s misery on the eve of the Games.

“Hearing an Olympic kayaker may have capsized after hitting a submerged sofa. Story of day & possibly the week if true,” tweeted Kelso.