Gary Lineker likes a rubbish joke on Twitter. This much is clear. Yet, astonishingly, some users took him at his word when getting a bit angry over something he tweeted on Saturday.

This was the tweet in question, a blindingly obvious and facile crack about Giroud’s form and the England national side – or so you might think.

There is absolutely no way anyone could actually think that Lineker, one of the country’s most famous football experts, would get this wrong.

Could Lineker, who had a distinguished career himself before manning Match of the Day, really not know the nationality of Arsenal’s main centre-forward and a man who has represented France 35 times?

Of course not, but that didn’t stop people piling in regardless.

One tweeter even launched an obscenity at the crisp-flogging national treasure.

It all added up to a good day’s fishing for the former Tottenham and England striker…