No surprises for guessing the subject of Sunday’s Overreaction Theatre.

It could only be the incredible sequence of events which saw Steven Gerrard sent off just 43 seconds after coming on at half-time of Liverpool’s 2-1 defeat to Manchester United.


You can read the news report on Gerrard’s moment of shame by clicking the link above. Here, we bring you the best of the internet reaction….

The usual footy jokes accounts did some impressive numbers with some quick-off-the-mark banterlicious graphics.

And other media outlets were soon highlighting the rather brief nature of Gerrard’s match.

As with anything that ever occurs on a football pitch, Twitter hasn’t truly reacted until someone’s done a Simpsons meme.

Or, indeed, accused the Illuminati of being behind developments.

Bespoke Vines took longer to arrive, but were worth the wait.

And it was only a matter of time before this appeared:

Gerrard’s post-match apology was also used as ammunition against the Liverpool captain.

But we will let the final word go to this tweet…