Russia may be officially banned from the Winter Olympics, but Russian athletes will be competing under a neutral banner and, judging by the look of a leaked design for a potential ice hockey jersey, they will be wearing Russian colours too.

The International Olympic Committee imposed a ban on Russia due to revelations about a sophisticated and widespread state-sponsored doping programme that the country ran at the Sochi Games of 2014.

However, any Russian athletes who can prove they are clean will be permitted to compete. They will be known as Olympic Athletes from Russia and compete under the Russian flag. If they win medals, the Russian national anthem will not be played.

Russian ice hockey players face a further complication. The NHL has already banned its athletes from travelling to the Winter Games during the season and the Russian equivalent, the KHL, has not yet decided if it will impose its own ban in protest at the IOC punishment meted out to Russia.

But if the Olympic Athletes from Russia do field ice hockey teams, potential jerseys have been mocked up, and revealed by R-Sport.

Russian colours, Russia on the jersey… just to reiterate, Russia are not competing at the Winter Olympics.