Big Sam’s managerial career is over (if you believe him, which we don’t). So it would have been understandable if he’d chucked it all in to go and chill out in the sun at his luxurious Spanish villa.

But alas, no.

Allardyce has actually decided to put the notorious ‘Big Sam’s Villa’ up for sale, with the property expected to reach over £3 million.

And you can now take a tour around Big Sam’s pad. Follow THIS LINK and soak it all in.

The building features the famous plaque that reads ‘Big Sam’s Villa’. But that’s far from the best on offer.

An inviting pool sits underneath some palm trees and offers a wonderful panoramic view of the Spanish countryside.

And if you get a bit too sweaty then why not head for the Jacuzzi bath in the bedroom (as we imagine Big Sam did on most days).

If you get a bit thirsty then grab yourself a pink, plastic Martini glass and poor yourself a short.

So there you have it.

If you’ve got £3m to spare then why not put in a big, buy Allardyce’s pad and prepare yourself to lean back and relax in the style of Big Sam himself.