“Poetry,” exhales John Virgo midway through this brilliant video of a Ronnie O’Sullivan masterclass at the recent Legends of Snooker night in Lincoln.

Fittingly, Ronnie produced a majestic maximum in front of an audience of his biggest fans at “A Night with the Rocket” at Bishop Grosseteste University.

And it was a rocket-like pace that the 41-year-old played at too, potting his final black at the 6 minute 38 second mark.

Even a phone ringing in the background couldn’t distract O’Sullivan, who made a 147 look like a walk in the park.

It’s not quite his quickest ever 147 of course – that record has stood since his breathtaking 5-minute-20-second effort in the 1997 World Championship.

But is this his second quickest ever? Quite possibly.

The statuesque Michaela Tabb kept her composure admirably as she rapidly re-spotted the black time and again throughout the break.

But compere John Virgo was rather more overcome by the majesty of it all, and at one stage was heard to gently whisper at the cue ball:

“Come on baby, come to me…”

Thankfully even Virgo’s lust wasn’t enough to sour a truly special break by a truly special player.