Bayern Munich have unveiled a new logo… and it looks exactly the same as the previous edition!

The Bundesliga giants made some very minor tweaks to the original design, with us folk at Le Buzz spending a good few minutes trying to spot more than two…

There are five differences between the old and new logos (above) – but can you find them?

Answers are below!

Ready for some answers, courtesy of the illustrators? Good

1. New and darker blue; new and warmer red

2. Vertex on ‘M’ is shorter and converges to a point

3. Angle on Bavarian lozenges changes from -30 degrees to -35 degrees in rotation.

4. Lozenges (or rhombuses, as we all know them) were scaled up to fix uneven crop. Seven blue instead of eight blue lozenges across.

5. The terminals of the ‘C’ were lengthened.

How exciting…

(N.B. If you spotted number three, you need to take a long, hard look at your life)