Former UFC athlete Brendan Schaub has put his money where his mouth is and says he’s put $100,000 on Conor McGregor winning at least one round against Floyd Mayweather

That mega bet came after ESPN journalist Max Kellerman claimed that McGregor “wouldn’t land a single punch” in the fight.

And Schaub, defending the honour of UFC, has hit back.

“I bet Max Kellerman $100,000 that Conor McGregor wins a round and will touch him. Obviously, the touch him one’s a joke, but he will win a round, people will be surprised.”

Schaub is in the minority who have faith on McGregor ahead of the much-hyped cross-sport bout.

But his faith isn’t baseless. He believes there is a clear technical reason why McGregor will trouble his illustrious opponent.

“He’s going to be so much longer, his jab’s going to land early on, from so many different angles.”

“I’m not saying he’s going to out-jab the f**k out of him. He’s going to land some jabs. Floyd is going to adjust quick. Floyd’s going to be like, ‘Oh f**k, I didn’t realise he was going to be that quick!'”

“He’s going to bully him the way Maidana did. He’s going to bully him for a little bit.”

We hope Schaub’s right. That would make for a terrific fight.