Tottenham offered an apology on Wednesday after enraging supporters with a survey that asked whether a woman’s place was in the home.

A survey was released to US fans on Spurs’ mailing list, which asked fans to indicate how much they agreed or disagreed with certain statements.

Incredibly, one of the statements read: “A woman’s place is in the home”.

“The survey questions were compiled by a third party on behalf of the club,” a Tottenham spokesperson said:

“The inclusion of this question in a club survey was wholly unacceptable and a regrettable oversight. It has been immediately removed from the survey for any other fans now looking to fill this out.

“We sincerely apologise to anyone offended by its initial inclusion.”

Third party Kantar Media are believed to be behind the gaffe, which left some people on social media rather irked:

While another fan chose to take issue with another question on the survey…

Fair point.