Remember Paul the Octopus?

Paul swept to international attention at the 2010 World Cup after successfully predicting eight results – including Spain’s win over the Netherlands in the final – leading to a host of imitations (including our very own Nelson the Hornbill at Euro 2016!)

None have come close to rivalling the original, but the latest contender is hoping that’s about to change.

Nika the Polar Bear is the 2018 World Cup’s official mascot and is having a trial run at the Confederations Cup, which is also taking place in Russia.

Ahead of selected matches, two food bowls are placed in front of her – each adorned with the flags of a nation – with Nika using her mystic powers before eating from one of them to issue her blessing.

Her first prediction (above) was for Mexico to surprise Portugal – and they did, snatching a 2-2 draw with a late header.

Sure, Mexico didn’t win, but as she wasn’t given the option of a draw, we’re classing this as a strong start!

Here’s her second prediction for Germany v Australia:

Nika, an orphan rescued in Chukotka, is mad about football, sometimes using balls as pillows to help her sleep.
We’re already BIG fans!