There is no shame in being tired at work, we have all been there. Heck some of us may have even snuck in a cheeky bit of shut eye on the job.

There are some situations in which said restorative action is easier to get away with than others.

A press conference at one of the biggest clubs in the world is not one of those situations (whether intentional or not).

Yup, that is right, a journalist fell asleep during Luis Enrique’s post-match press conference on Sunday night after Barcelona had beaten Valencia 4-2.

“Look that’s never happened to me: a guy sleeping in the press conference. It is the first time, I must have been very boring,” began the Barca coach upon spotting the tired journalist.

“Good morning, how are you doing? That’s very good,” he continued as the reporter regained their senses. “I don’t think I have any more to say. Good morning, eh!

“Wait, wait, now I can’t.

“Damnit. I know the boss’ press conference is boring but this…

“Well. Let’s try to do this.”

Enrique seems to be genuinely enjoying the goings on.

Fair play to the journalist in question, one Steve Futterman of CBS News who stepped up to admit it was he who had the impromptu nap.

As Futterman says, it happens and fair play for Enrique taking it in his stride.