Supersport rider Jules Cluzel took to social media from a hospital bed on Sunday, calling for dangerous riders to be penalised for their actions.


The Frenchman was involved in a massive crash in Phillip Island on Sunday, sustaining painful injuries after being flung into the air from his bike after the collision.

Cluzel took to Facebook as he received treatment to his injuries, revealing:

“I’m going to Melbourne for a scan to see how bad is my bottom…it’s really painful, i have a broken sacrum and we have to see who bad he is and if there is no more.”

“I just want to say that some riders have to be penelized (sic) to understand that we are doing a dangerous sport,” Cluzel added.
“I will need your support and hopfully news will be ok later to have a chance to be back on next race in 2 weeks’ time.”