LeBron James found himself so bored during the Cleveland Cavaliers’ 126-94 victory over the New York Knicks, he resorted to taking on the bottle-flip challenge.

With the game still very much going on, James was caught on the Cavaliers’ bench attempting the viral challenge as Kyrie Irving and other team-mates watched on both amused and a touch confused.


Irving reportedly landed a flip off camera, which was unfortunate, and even more unfortunate was the fact that LeBron’s shoddy attempt – after a cheeky look over to see if the officials were looking – saw the bottle land on the court itself as play was going on down the other end.

As James reflected on the incident after the game amid accusations of disrespect to the Knicks, he made it clear that it was just a bit of light entertainment on the sidelines – oh, and the court!

“I always have fun. The game of basketball is always fun for me. Obviously, when you lose a game, you feel a certain way about it, you think about what you could have done better. But the game of basketball is fun, and for me, once the game – I start showing up and I am not having fun no more, then I won’t be sitting talking to you guys postgame.”

Disrespectful? No, not really. Pretty rubbish bottle-flip game? Yep, absolutely.

Here’s how you do it, LeBron… okay, not exactly!