Novak Djokovic held a star-studded (well, if you are Australian) ‘Night with Novak’ for his foundation – and turned his hand to a variety of sports.

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The world number two had a go at Aussie Rules, netball, football and, with the assistance of Shane Warne, a spot of cricket.

All took the Serb firmly out of his comfort zone, but when Dylan Alcott took to the Margaret Court Arena, he was given a lesson in tennis too.

That is because Alcott is the Olympic champion for wheelchair tennis and, after a brief knock-up, he challenged Djokovic to join him in a chair.

“I think this is a bit unfair for me, what do you reckon? I mean, Novak has got his perfectly working legs. Who wants to see Novak try it in a wheelchair?”

So he did just that.


And even the second best men’s player on the planet basically had no idea how to get around the court and get the ball back.

“I have so much admiration for you,” Djokovic said. We couldn’t have put it any better.

Skip to 17:40 minutes remaining in the Facebook video above to see the whole thing.