There’s nothing more confusing than a kit clash, something which only very rarely comes about nowadays.

But while the focus is always on ensuring that the two teams are wearing different colours, seemingly no attention is paid to what other match officials may look like.

In designing a fluorescent yellow change strip, Peterborough’s kit manufacturers apparently did not think to consider that the stewards would also be sporting similar attire.

And so it was, much to Michael Bostwick’s embarrassment, that the Peterborough midfielder sprayed a pinpoint pass out to the left flank to what he thought was a team-mate, only it was actually a steward.

Eurosport journalist and big Peterborough fan, Ben Snowball, assures us all that Bostwick is an excellent player, but on this occasion he simply got outfoxed by a brilliant kit clash.

He can, however, be excused on two counts: 1) It was a superb, raking pass; and 2) We really did think it was a Peterborough player out there too, until he paid no interest in controlling the ball.