Ronnie O’Sullivan comes up with some brilliant lines, and during one of his latest interviews he even broke into song.

‘The Rocket’ lost to Judd Trump 5-3 in their Players Championship quarter-final at Venue Cymru in Llandudno and produced a series of incredibly perfunctory and brief answers to questions from a BBC Wales reporter.

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But it was what followed, after he was prompted by the statement “You took a while to get going…”, that really grabbed the attention of his fans.

“Maybe,” was the reply, before Ronnie decided to expand by breaking into ‘Wonderwall’…

That wasn’t the only interesting interview Ronnie gave after the defeat, as he told ITV that his waistcoat was too tight and hampered his play.

“I just think my waistcoat is feeling a little bit tight.

“I just think I’ve been eating too much food and have put a bit of weight on round the midriff.

“I’m gonna have to go speak to the nutritionist and try to get him to start sorting my diet out.

“Because this waistcoat was feeling a bit tight and under pressure it kind of gets a little bit of discomfort.

“I’m gonna have to go get down the tailors and see if I can get this waistcoat sorted out and then hopefully I can get a bit more room for the next tournament.

“Maybe I’m not getting enough vegetables into my diet.”

Classic Ronnie.