We are all very used to seeing and hearing about incredible Steph Curry plays and showboats.

What we’re not very used to seeing and hearing about are amazing no-look mouthguard catches mid-play.

Curry was marauding up the court with the ball when suddenly his mouthguard popped out.

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For many players, this would be an issue to contend with, but for the Golden State Warriors superstar, he simply caught the mouthguard in mid-air without even looking for it, while continuing with the play as though nothing had happened.

He promptly laid the ball off to team-mate Kevin Durant and the Warriors had a simple score.

Fans went predictably wild after seeing the improvisation from Curry…

Curry has already auctioned off one of his famous mouthguards for $5,000 – but we’re assuming this one will be worth a lot more than that now.