Euro 2016 isn’t the only big football tournament going on. Over in the States, the Copa America’s centenary edition is in full swing, and has reached the quarter-final stage.

So with the bulk of the matches having been played, our pals over at Univision Deportes have shared a video of the 10 best goals so far.

It is absolutely brilliant. Not from the start, we’ll grant you. So

we’ve fast-forwarded to the best bits

thanks to those clever YouTube start time codes.

But by the time we get to number five – Alexis Sanchez’s staggering volley against Panama – things really start to heat up…


Not long after that we get Lionel Messi’s free kick:

Then there’s this even better one from Bolivia’s Jhasmani Campos:

And we can’t even decide which is better of the final two, other than to say you really have to watch both…!