It could turn into The Great TV Divide of the British Summer.

After Croatia v Denmark went to penalties in the World Cup on Sunday night, the essential football viewing clashed, for the first time, with other essential UK viewing: Love Island.

With both programmes showing simultaneously past 9pm, there was a bit of angst on Twitter.

But, fear not, fans of both. Le Buzz has come to the rescue of conflicted couples, friends and families across the country with our top tips on how to avoid the problems this could throw up in future.

Option 1: Turn off Twitter, prioritise

Carry on watching the football, turn off your phone to avoid pesky social media updates about Love Island, then retire to bed and catch up with the ITV show later (or the other way around of course)…

Option 2: All the fun, all at once

Combine them both: multiscreen it – or even get properly dramatic and flick between the two…

Watch out for health consequences though:

And beware the cliched gender backlash:

Option 3: Pick a venue that shows them both…

Probably not this one though, what are you crazy?


Option 4: Pick a team, be happy with your choice

As long as everyone knows where they stand or, er, sit, everything will be fine:

The Nuclear option

We here at Le Buzz simply hope it doesn’t get this far…

Fortunately, the good people at ITV have ensured that England matches will never clash with Love Island – even if it does goes to penalties – by moving the reality TV show back half an hour when Gareth Southgate’s side play